Is FBA Right For You?

One of the many services offered to Amazon sellers is Fulfillment by Amazon. Primarily, FBA exists so that high volume, high inventory sellers can more easily manage their listings while Amazon handles the sales, shipping and customer support. This saves the seller a huge amount of time since really; all you have to do is ship your inventory to Amazon and let them worry about the rest. Amazon assumes this headache for a modest storage fee, but like any service, FBA has both pros and cons that any business should consider before they decide whether or not FBA is right for them 

On the Pro side are items like being eligible for Free Super Saver and Prime Shipping. These options increase the chance of an FBA listing being chosen over a similar listing that can’t offer the same level of service. This also means that you can increase an item price exclusive of shipping and still have the lowest total price. Also, since Amazon assumes responsibility for customer services, buyers are given access to twenty four seven customer service, which is a feature that can make the difference in capturing a sale. This will also lead to an increase in Buy Boxes captured since with Amazon working to keep a high level of customer satisfaction you are likely to receive higher overall feedback scores. These scores play an important role in determining who gets the Buy Boxes. In addition if you are using a repricer, that gives you an even greater edge in capturing the Buy Box. Lastly, in the Pro column is the fact that FBA can save you an immense amount of time. Without having to pack, print and ship your items you can focus completely on managing your listings and working on the aspects of your business that impact your sales. 

As for Cons, remember that increased item price we talked about before? Since Amazon charges a storage fee if the price is only lowered by a few dollars, then regardless of whether or not you have increased your sale price your margins may remain the same. Also, because of the storage fee items that have very low sales prices, like used books or DVD’s, are not going to make much money. Other issues with FBA is that while it is a great system to use once it gets going you have to take the time to learn it before it really works for the sellers benefit. There are regulations about items and how they are added to the FBA system that can be maddening to learn at first and so like any good tool, time needs to be invested in order for it to pay off. 

Even though using FBA seems daunting at first once you get the hang of it, it becomes a very useful service that helps alleviate the stress that is often associated with online sales. Without the stress you can take the time to build your business and increase your overall profits without having to make yourself crazy with all the details. 



How Insight Leads to Profit

To make positive decisions eCommerce businesses need to have insight. Insight into how listings are performing, insight into how many Buy Boxes are being captured, and insight into who the competition is. The decisions made based on insight give users the ability to rocket their business to success and drastically increase overall profitability. 

Because we know how important it is to make informed decisions, Appeagle has recently added quick reporting to the list of features offered by our repricer. By choosing from our lists of quick reports you can, with one click, get a comprehensive look at the way your business is performing in the marketplace. With this information you can see which listings require a greater amount of attention and as a result capture more sales. 

Quick reporting is essential to any business that wants to make insightful and informed decisions about their repricing strategy. The reporting tool is easy to use and presented in our user friendly dashboard which provides a simple but powerful way to stay on top of marketplace listings. Appeagle also recently added Alerts and Announcements as well as Hints and Tips to the dashboard so that our users can have an even greater level of confidence as they develop their repricing strategy. 

The quick reporting feature is just the first of a number of new features that Appeagle will be rolling out in the coming months to help our users gain a greater level of understanding into how their listings are performing. These new features will also let users make insightful decisions that drastically increase profits.



Appeagle Makes Changes to Better Your Business

Earlier  we wrote a blog post with information about the updates being made to Amazon’s MWS API and how those changes would allow repricers like Appeagle to be an even more powerful eCommerce tool. Since then we have been getting a lot of great feedback from Appeagle, as well as businesses looking to use tools like Appeagle, to help them optimize their pricing strategy and we wanted to address the question that we were asked the most. 

“When will Appeagle update to reflect the changes to the new MWS API?” 

We would like to thank all of our loyal users and interested parties for their feedback and take the time to answer this really important question. The Appeagle team would like you all to know that over the next few weeks we will be making changes to Appeagle that allow our repricer to take full advantage of Amazon’s new API. We will make sure that these updates will be made seamlessly so we can continue to offer the most time-saving, easy to use repricing engine available. This enables people to work through the updates while familiarizing themselves with the way that the alterations affect their business. By making sure that updates are made efficiently, we look to not only improve our eCommerce tool but to better assist the businesses that rely on our repricer to keep them ahead of their competition. In addition we will be rolling out new features to our repricing engine that will give our users an even greater competitive edge, freeing up more of their time so they can continue to grow their businesses.


Grow Your Business Without Being Overwhelmed

In the eCommerce marketplace the most effective tools are the ones that maximize your profitability and increase your company’s reputation. But it’s important to remember that a marketplace tool is only as good as its ability to flawlessly interact with the user. If you are using a repricer that is clunky and overwhelms you with too many elements, it is simply not going to be effective. Many of the available tools made to help businesses manage their marketplace listings are overburdened by features that only make them harder to use. These tools are simply trying to make themselves more desirable by adding on poorly designed components that are meant to provide users with a greater list of features, but really only clutter the product and decrease the core functionality of the repricer. 

At Appeagle we focus on making our user experience as simple and easy to use as possible. We focus on the core duty of a repricer, which is to make sure that we save our users time while increasing their profit. Our dashboard is specifically designed to flawlessly interact with our users and help them capture more sales and win more Buy Boxes. This helps them build a more powerful marketplace presence. By using Appeagle you can spend more time growing your business instead of spending countless hours every day researching competition and adjusting your prices. 

So if you’re not already using Appeagle sign up for a free 30 day trial and start growing your business today.


Appeagle Supports AmazonUK Sellers

The global economy is growing by leaps and bounds and as a result it is becoming increasingly important for online retailers to be able to offer their products to consumers outside the US. But with more listings and a diversified currency keeping track of your listings, staying competitive becomes all the more difficult. That’s why it’s important to have the right tools to help your business break into the international marketplace. 

As one of the most influential international marketplaces, Amazon UK is one of the best launchpads for any business looking to increase sales and expand its global reach. That is why Appeagle has added support for Amazon UK so that our customers around the world can use our automated repricing engine. This ensures that all your marketplace listings are globally competitive.



Appeagle Makes Your Business More Profitable in Just 30 Days

There is no question that using a repricing tool like Appeagle not only makes it easier to run a retail business, but also hugely affects both profitability and visibility on a marketplace. Sadly, many retail operations don’t understand how a repricer can positively influence their business. That is why Appeagle is now offering a free 30-day trial to all new users. Sellers will have 30-days to use Appeagle obligation-free, and experience firsthand the growth in profitability, sales, and dominance that Appeagle will help them achieve on each of their marketplaces. 

Appeagle saves you time by providing regular updates on price changes and eliminating your need to manually research your competition. By always staying ahead of your competition, you will increase your chances of winning more Buy Boxes, raise the visibility of your listings and capture more sales. Appeagle also lets you synchronize your inventory so your listings are always up-to-date. Appeagle is easy to use and our user-friendly, web-based interface allows you to access your account from anywhere in the world. Start using Appeagle today and see how just how much your business can grow.


Amazon’s New API Empowers Repricers

Amazon has just released great news for all of its sellers! They announced this week that they would be making changes to their API that would allow Amazon sellers with the appropriate tools to receive a greater level of information regarding Amazon listings. This change to Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS) extends their MWS API with an additional products feature that replaces the existing Amazon Product Advertising API (PA-API) as the primary means for gathering information pertaining to sourcing, price matching and pricing information that is commonly used to stay competitive across the various Amazon marketplaces. As of the announcement, all of these changes have been implemented into the new MWS and sellers who are using the current PA-API will be given until August 31, 2012 to port over. 

The official statement from Amazon reads:

The Amazon MWS Products API is the product of extensive work with sellers and solution providers to create a dedicated API for sourcing, listing matching, and pricing information about products offered on Amazon marketplace sites. As part of this effort, we identified opportunities to streamline the API. Certain operations and response groups that were infrequently used or not aligned with the primary purpose of the API have been discontinued.

The Amazon MWS Products API also makes available information that is not available through PA-API, including:
  • Shipping prices
  • Landed (shipping inclusive) product prices
  • Lowest prices grouped in buckets to help identify, for example, the lowest seller-fulfilled or FBA price for a product
  • Information for new Amazon marketplace sites in the Europe, including Spain and Italy
  • Information for the Amazon China marketplace site

So what does this mean for sellers using third-party applications like repricing engines? Quite simply it means that Amazon has empowered applications like Appeagle to serve their customers even more seamlessly. An example of how this update to Amazon’s MWS API will help us continue to offer our customers exemplary repricing services is as follows. As one of the only repricing engines on the market to offer real time updates, Appeagle constantly requests SKU’s from Amazon, which in the past had to be submitted a single SKU at a time. In addition Amazon limited how many reports could be submitted at a time by throttling their API. Now thanks to the new MWS API, Appeagle can submit SKU reports as a batch. For our subscribers this means an even faster user experience and an even greater leg up on their competitors. 

With these changes it becomes more important now more than ever to use a quality repricing engine like Appeagle to ensure that your listings are competitive on the marketplace and keep you ahead of your competitors.



Why You Should Be Using the eBay Catalog

If you are an experienced eBay seller, you already know that most of the eBay website is not organized and cataloged like Amazon and are. What this means is that listings on eBay are not attached to an actual product. They are simply online ads that can be hard to find if not searched properly. More often than not, sellers are omitted from search results simply because the keyword did not match, or because the category was different.

Product catalogs however, use a system that makes it very easy to find all sellers listing that item, search engines can easily index the listings and that results in more sales. While listing to the catalog is largely optional, certain categories like GPS now require you to list to the catalog. As of September 15, you won’t be able to submit a new listing or re-listing that is not associated with a matching product in the catalog. If the catalog doesn’t contain your product, you can add it to the eBay catalog via Sell Your Item,, Turbo Lister, File Exchange, and Blackthorne.

If you are an electronics seller on eBay, I encourage you to submit your listings to the catalog so you can take advantage of the Appeagle repricing tools and increase your chances of a sale.


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