How Insight Leads to Profit

To make positive decisions eCommerce businesses need to have insight. Insight into how listings are performing, insight into how many Buy Boxes are being captured, and insight into who the competition is. The decisions made based on insight give users the ability to rocket their business to success and drastically increase overall profitability. 

Because we know how important it is to make informed decisions, Appeagle has recently added quick reporting to the list of features offered by our repricer. By choosing from our lists of quick reports you can, with one click, get a comprehensive look at the way your business is performing in the marketplace. With this information you can see which listings require a greater amount of attention and as a result capture more sales. 

Quick reporting is essential to any business that wants to make insightful and informed decisions about their repricing strategy. The reporting tool is easy to use and presented in our user friendly dashboard which provides a simple but powerful way to stay on top of marketplace listings. Appeagle also recently added Alerts and Announcements as well as Hints and Tips to the dashboard so that our users can have an even greater level of confidence as they develop their repricing strategy. 

The quick reporting feature is just the first of a number of new features that Appeagle will be rolling out in the coming months to help our users gain a greater level of understanding into how their listings are performing. These new features will also let users make insightful decisions that drastically increase profits.


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